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What! The Heist 发财联盟 联盟

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What! The Heist 发财联盟 What! The Heist 发财联盟 中文 線上看
The story starts with the the jail escape of GODFATHER, a criminal genius. He then entrusted a powerful gangster lord (BIG BOSS) with a mission called "Lottery Heist”.
CHAO YAN FATT is a veteran actor, has a daughter who suffers from a heart disease, and needs a huge sum of money for the heart bypass surgery and treatment. By coincidence, CHAO and his friend BAO got accidentally involved with this Lottery Heist mission and become members. The objective of the mission is to change the lottery machine and modify the lotto balls, making the final results the same as their pre-bought numbers, so that they will win the grand prize of 100 million dollars.
The mission starts with the heist team sneaking into the lottery company to steal the secrets of the lottery machine, before they create an artificial lottery machine to replace the original one.
On the other hand, police officer, TED, quietly leads the police force to stop this operation, and the BIG BOSS has a plan to kill off all of the heist members after the mission.
A battle of wits–Who will finally win the lottery grand prize which is worth more than a 100 million dollars?

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