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พาราไดซ์ ไฮเวย์ Paradise Highway

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พาราไดซ์ ไฮเวย์ Paradise Highway 中文 線上看
A truck driver has been forced to smuggle illicit cargo to save her brother from a deadly prison gang. With FBI operatives hot on her trail, Sally\'s conscience is challenged when the final package turns out to be a teenage girl.
Academy Award® winners Juliette Binoche and Morgan Freeman lead this riveting thriller set in the trucking industry and its seamy underbelly of human trafficking. When her brother’s life is threatened, Sally (Binoche), a truck driver, reluctantly agrees to smuggle illicit cargo: a girl named Leila (Hala Finley). As Sally and Leila begin a danger-fraught journey across state lines, a dogged FBI operative (Freeman) sets out on their trail, determined to do whatever it takes to terminate a human-trafficking operation — and bring Sally and Leila to safety.

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線上看 預告 中文 Paradise Highway พาราไดซ์ ไฮเวย์

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