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Spirit Untamed Spirit Untamed

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Spirit Untamed Spirit Untamed 中文 線上看
Spirit Untamed is an upcoming American computer-animated adventure film produced by DreamWorks Animation and distributed by Universal Pictures. The film is being directed by Elaine Bogan and co-directed by Ennio Torresan Jr., in their feature directorial debuts, from a screenplay written by Aury Wallington and Kristin Hahn. It is based on the Netflix animated television series Spirit Riding Free, developed by Wallington, as well as a spin-off of the traditional animated film Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron. This is also the second theatrical release in the Spirit franchise.Lucky Prescott was never aware that her late mother, Milagro Navarro, was a fearless horse-riding stunt performer from Miradero, a small rural town on the edge of the wide-open frontier. Like her mother, Lucky does not enjoy rules and restrictions, which has caused her Aunt Cora to worry for her. Lucky had grown up in an East Coast city under Cora’s watchful eye, but when Lucky presses her own luck with one too many risky escapades, Cora picks up stakes and moves them both back with Lucky’s father, Jim, in Miradero.Lucky is decidedly unimpressed with the sleepy little town. However, she has a change of heart when she meets Spirit, a wild Mustang who shares her independent ideology, and befriends two local horseback riders, Abigail Stone and Pru Granger, who the latter's father, stable owner Al Granger, is the best friend of Lucky’s father. When an evil horse wrangler and his team plan to capture Spirit and his herd and auction them off to a life of captivity and hard labor, Lucky enlists her new friends and bravely embarks on the adventure of a lifetime to rescue the horse who has given her freedom and a sense of purpose, and has helped Lucky discover a connection to her mother’s legacy that she never expected.

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