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飛哥與小佛 第一季 Phineas and Ferb

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飛哥與小佛 第一季 Phineas and Ferb 中文 線上看
An animated comedy about two-step brothers who find inventive things to do on each day of their summer vacation such as building a roller coaster out of materials you would find in your everyday home like popsicle sticks, indoor plumbing, etc. Unbeknownst to them, their pet platypus, Perry, leads a double life as a secret agent.飛哥與小佛是迪士尼頻道的動畫。本作除了異想天開的劇情,還以大量的音樂穿插在其中為特色。創作者丹·波文邁爾和傑夫·『小澤』·馬許一起在尼克國際兒童頻道系列的洛可的摩登生活節目組工作。他們也身兼其中兩名角色莫來管隊長、杜芬舒斯博士的配音。 

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飛哥與小佛 第一季 Phineas and Ferb 中文 預告 線上看 美国

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